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Ever My Pet
Ever My Pet is dedicated to helping people pay tribute and memorialize their pet. We offer the finest quality products and customer service available. We wish that no one ever had to say good-bye to their beloved pet. If they do we would be honored if they choose Ever My Pet for their loving memorial tribute. We donate to a no kill animal shelter for every order.

Sunday Colors
The only store of its kind, Sunday Colors sells Bright and Cheery decor, apparel and gifts for dogs, cats, small animals, birds, reptiles and their humans with free giveaways every week.

Mulberry Farm Kennel
Mulberry Farm Kennel, breeder of tiny American Cocker Spaniels, Miniature Schnauzers, and adorable first-generation Cockapoos... located in New York, USA
Chicago’s home for Parrot Toys, Parrot Toy Parts, Bird Food, Lixit Bottles, Perches, Parrot Toy Making Supplies like Rope, Bells & Hardware. HQ Cages, Kings Cages, Prevue Hendryx Cages, Travel Cages, over 200 easy-to-find-styles. Specializing in Accessories to House, Feed, Clean-up-after and Maintain your Parakeet, Cockatiel, Conure, African Grey, Cockatoo or Macaw. Stuff for hundreds of other parrots and soft bill species. Books, DVD'S, CD'S and lots of in depth parrot information .

Paw Prints Shop
We offer affordable fashionable pet products for pampered pets.

a gorgeous range of doggie designer wear & collars, for large & small dogs, & cats too! all items are worldwide shipping

Sandy's K-9's Kennel
Breeder of AKC Registered Mini Dachshunds, Cairn Terriers, Italian Greyhounds, Basset Hounds and Yorkshire Terriers. Many breeds with championship bloodlines and written health guarantees on all pups. Local deliver and air shipping available. We have puppies year round, please visit our website for available pups.

Pet-FriendlyTravel.Com allows you to take ALL your loved ones with you on vacation! We have THOUSANDS of pet-friendly hotels, motels, Bed and Breakfasts, and rentals that are owned and operated by pet lovers just like yourself! Be sure and look for the Pet-Friendly savings logo for extra discounts and services!

Sybil and Benny the Domestic Black Bears
A good place to learn what it is like to raise black bears in captivity and how they co-exist with other animals. Many pictures of black bears and other animals. Also, information on LLamas, emus and more along with a helpful message board for all animals.

"Designer Aquariums"
Cole Enterprises has been designing and manufacturing the most envied aquariums world-wide since 1974.

Ferrets "Odor Free" STOPS Odors... Naturally!
Simply spray on your ferret's food! STOPS urine & stool odors! 95-100% effective - Guaranteed! Great taste! Also at pet stores.

Offering Quality Labradoodles and Goldendoodles to select family homes.2yr health guarantee,please visit our main site for more info

Mammoth dog beds - pet beds - dog supplies
Orthopedic luxury large dog beds for all breeds. Recommended by breeders and vets. Designer dog furniture at wholesale prices. Visit the online dog store.

HealthyPetNet Independent Representative
Healthy & effective pet products created for dogs, cats & horses by Dr. Jane Bicks & Dr. Barry Sears. Check out the income opportunity!

Flint River Ranch Holistic Pet
A proper diet is not only important for humans; it is the most basic aspect of your pet's lifestyle. Dogs and cats fed Flint River Ranch Super Premium All-Natural Healthy Holistic Pet Food have beautiful shiny coats, healthy skin and higher energy levels.

Paddington's Toy Mi-Ki's
Adorable,Sweet and Irresistible Purebred Mi-Kis. "Quality, Love and Caring that Shows". Dedicated breeder that is available by phone for you and your new loved one 24/7. Our babies and you are very important to us.

Free Pet Care Tips & Information
Take advantage of our extensive library of thousands of pages of Free tips and information on all aspects of dog, cat, and horse care

CatmanDrew! Drew Strouble Cat Art
CatmanDrew! Drew Strouble Cat Art. Paintings. Prints. Portraits & more. The largest one-man collection of Fine Art for Cat Lovers in the world. Unique & wonderful cat artwork down to the last whisker with sales supporting the CatmanDrew Art for the Animals Foundation. Join CatmanDrew’s free Purring Partners Affiliate Program and earn 15%+. It’s ideal for animal rescue, breeder websites & personal pet pages to earn revenue for themselves or their favorite charity. Go ahead ... Prowl!

SnugglePuppies and SnuggleKitties
SnugglePuppies and SnuggleKitties simulate a mother's gentle nurturing with these adorable and durable plush Puppies and Kitties. They have a "real feel" heartbeat and also warm up. Ideal for breeders to send with puppies to their new homes. They are also ideal to have if you are purchasing a puppy. SnugglePuppies and SnuggleKitties are great for all breeds of animals; no matter how big or small the breed. We now sell dog toys, chews and treats!!!

Eliminates gas, body, urine, fecal and bad breath odors! Stops coprophagia and yellow lawn spots! Stops furballs. Simply spray on your dog's food! 95-100% effective - Guaranteed! Mojave Yucca, the active ingredient with natural odor-reduction qualities. Used by Vets. No more "doggie" odors on the furniture & carpets! FREE shipping.

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