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Caring for Silkworms
Silkworms are becoming increasingly popular as a live reptile, amphibian, bird and fish feeder. This article containes the basic information needed to raise and care for silkworms.

San Diego Zoo Reptile House

August 2000 San Diego snake house and other reptiles and a bird.

Snake befriends its hamster lunch in zoo
Snakes usually have hamsters for lunch. But when rat snake Ao-chan and dwarf hamster Gohan-chan met at a Japanese zoo, it was love - and not at first bite.
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Welcome to online exotic pet superstore Come in and discover the world of exotic pets. We at, offer a vast selection of exotic snakes, lizards, turtles/tortoises, amphibians, arachnids, and other insects from all over the world. All of our exotic pets are shipped directly to you next day 24 hours express delivery.
National & International Reptile and Amphibian Community Networks - Free: Herp Promotion, Free Classifieds, Free Herp Picture Voting System, Free Forum Board Community, Free Herp Calendar System and much much more ...

Pats Reptiles

Mayer's Pet Shop
Cages, foods and supplies for freshwater & marine fish, birds, cats, dogs, ponds, reptiles and small animals. Shipping world wide.

World Chelonian Trust
The World Chelonian Trust- Dedicated to the conservation, species survival and captive care of Turtles and Tortoises. We host the internet's largest chelonian gallery and original care sheet library. The WCT also hosts the Complete Chelonian Taxonomic listing.

Reptile World Order
All about the caring and conservation of reptiles

GCS Reptiles
As a herpetoculturist, I am dedicated to the study and conservation of reptiles through captive propagation. Providing quality captive bred reptiles to breeders, hobbyists, pet stores and zoos since 1993.
National and International Reptile & Amphibian Network Systems (Forums, Classifieds, Search Engine, Herp Promotion, Herp Event Calendar) - everything Free!!

Lizard Den
wholesale Lizard Store

Jurassic Jr. Turtle & Tortoise Rescue
Turtle & tortoise rescue, rehoming and public education.

Scales - Premium Exotic Reptiles
Breeders of veiled chameleons, jackson chameleons, montium chameleons, panther chameleons, bearded dragons and uromastyx.

The Pet Show Corner.Com
A comprehensive listing of dog, cat, ferret, fish, reptile, bird, koi and horse shows, marts and events happening across the country.

The premier herpetological supply company. Feeders, Cages, Field Gear, Products, and educational material.

Worm Man's Worm Farm
Wormman is a breeder of crickets, worms and flies. They have information on breeding the same on their site.

Exotic Pet Sales: Reptiles
Reptiles and Amphibians shipped to your door at great prices!!

Lizards for sale. cheap prices. Bearded dragons, savanna monitors, nile monitors, many others.

Worm Man's Worm Farm
Crickets, mealworms, fruitflies, superworms, and more.

International Reptiles Breeders Assciation
Association of hobbyists who dabble in the breeding aspect of reptiles. View an event calendar, and get contact information.

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