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Pets Top Sites
Pets Top Sites combines the best animal sites with educational articles., pet care information
Dog, cat, bird, fish, ferret and small pet care information. Articles, educational content, free classified ad, photos, fun animal videos and popular pet name at

The Spirit Of Animals
Celebrating the spirit of animals - animal healing, animal health, spirit animals, animal angels, animal story and more!

A Journey Into the Mind of A Talking Parrot
An astounding audio study of a talking parakeet that had a vocabulary of over 800 words and used them to talk in context.

Dogs 4 Life
information on dog rescue, dog adoption, dog nutrition and dog care

Happy Tales Pets:Natural Pet Care Consultants
Natural pet health care articles, reports, recipes sources for natural pet food and pet care products. Featured article: Is Your Pet's Natural Food Really Good For Him/Her?

Reno Pets
Great educational site with classified ads in all pet categories. Check out our boutique for animals and animal lovers

Animal Blog
Animal Blog with a collection of animal stories, animal care tips, adoption tips, questions and answers and favorite animal product affiliates.

New Mexico's Week for the Animals
NEW MEXICO'S WEEK FOR THE ANIMALS, September 21 to September 27, 2003, will bring together people throughout New Mexico-humane societies, shelters, animal welfare programs, schools, corporations and local government, to build a better world for all animals.

The Wild Bon Bon
The Wild Bon Bon is a wholesale confection company dedicated to the education and support of endangered species worldwide.

Animal Sounds!
Listen to animal sounds effects from the farmyard, jungle, sea and your pets. Safe interactive fun for kids.

Farm Web Site Design & Hosting
We specialize in website design for all farms, ranches and other agricultural businesses. If you are a commercial ag venture, farmer or rancher you NEED an online presence. Pet owners and breeders too! Get your agriculture business web site on the internet today. Visit us at now for our current $300 all-in special! This limited time offer includes a domain name of your choice, 3-page web site to your design & webhosting.

Animal Online Games
Play fun animal games, zoo games and virtual pet games online.

Breeding Chihuahuas~Qualities That Are Important!
What qualities should a chihuahua breeder try for? Why is coat and color not important as other things? Why do some puppymill sites try to sell dogs based on certain gimics like coat and color or specific sizes of chihuahuas.Many links

Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital
Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital is Portland Oregon's only nonprofit emergency and critical care animal hospital. Pet loss support, Portland Oregon lost pets.

Cockatiel,indian ringneck,conure,breeders. Dog and Cat info. Pets section of information. Games,and sites.

Psychic Sabra Email Pet Readings
Psychic Pet Readings. What is your pet trying to tell you? Animals and humans speak different languages. A Pet Reading can help you understand your petís personality, mannerisms and behavior. Hearing your animalís perspective helps you fulfill their needs, and strengthens your relationship. I am a clairvoyant/clairaudient psychic, with over 35 years' experience at giving the kind of readings that help people achieve more success in their lives.

Pet-Vet is your link to all things pet-related on the World Wide Web

A great community where animal lovers can come together to share and learn about thier pets while making friends!! Forums, contests, classifieds and much more!

Pet Supplies - Pet Medication- Pet Gifts - Pet Care
Pet Supply Guru is a comprehensive website which guides pet owners to the most optimal pet products - pet supplies - Pet gifts online

Over 200 Cat Links: Anatomy... Life Cycle... General Health Resources... A-Z Directory of Diseases & Conditions... Behavioral Problems... The Case Against Declawing & Low Cost Spay/Neuter with surgical photos... Kittens... The Senior Cat... Welfare and more. We list the most up-to-date information.

36 Free SPAY/NEUTER cards to display on your website. Vividly colorful images of dressed cats with slogans. Some include beautiful women fairies, and other mythical beings. Great slogans and artwork to get this important message across, such as: IF YOUR PET WON'T WEAR A CONDOM GET HIM FIXED...THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH HOMES-SPAY & NEUTER...BORN TO DIE-PLEASE SPAY & NEUTER...REAL MEN SPAY & NEUTER THEIR PETS, THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE, I'VE BEEN NEUTERED, and more. Please help to spread this important message.

Departed Pets - Online Pet Memorials in Virtual Pet Cemetary true to theme of Rainbow Bridge Poem
Pet Loss Support in the form of Pet Memorials for those grieving over the death of their pets. Create pet monuments and share in a pet forum

Eternal Animals
Pet Loss and Prayer site. From A Christian Perspective.

Mutts 'n Manners Dog Training Victoria BC
Positive, Practical Training for Your Best Friend, Individual Coaching, Puppy Socialization Classes, see website for further information

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Animal Den - The Gift Shop for Dog Lovers!

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