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DogLoveArt - T-Shirts with Heart
Every dog deserves a special t-shirt! We offer over 40 unique, artistic designs in sizes to fit all dogs - from Chihuahuas to Great Danes and everyone in between. Dog t-shirts, dog clothes, dog shirts, dog clothing.

Reptilian Gems
Home of Gem Snows, and one of the few Dward Leopard Geckos in the world. We have lots of photos, and a slide show of a baby gecko hatching.

Copperhead Junkie
Site with Copperheads for sale, pics, info, & links.
Turtle and tortoise online community - discuss anything having to do with turtles and tortoises and shop for supplies, accessories and gifts!

Joesherps forums.
TAlk and ask questions about your favorite reptiles and Amphibians.

Gecko Freak
Specializing in leopard geckos, African fat tail geckos, and pictus geckos. We have detailed care information as well as a complete list of gecko names, pictures, and excellent forum, and much much more!

Terry's Snake Site
Quality photo's of all types of snakes. One of the fastest growing no nonsense sites. Send your own snake pictures for addition and get a free link back to your site above every picture used

Gecko Network
Gecko resource center. Includes chat, photo’s, videos, forums, care sheets, research and much more!!!!!!!!
Unique online catalog/gift store for iguana, lizard, & reptile lovers. Jewelry, gifts, t-shirts, collectables and much more. Many other specialty animal/pet themed items. Check us out.

Iguana Island Forum
Forum for iguana owners to post questions or comments concerning the care of their iguanas. Includes sections on general iguana care, feeding, health, bevavior, housing, a photo album, and a chat room.

We specializing in reptiles, small animals, exotics, birds, etc. rehab, education,take in unwanted animals, adoptions, peofessional snake handlers, specialized care sheets. We offer a variety of services. Our rescue is run strictly by volunteers whom pay for the food, medical treatment etc. out of their own pockets. Donations needed!

Bearded Dragon Care
Bearded dragon website with information on everything you ever wanted to know about how to care for your beardie.

Vanessa's Water Dragon Pae
Information on all types of lizards but mainly about the Chinese Water Dragon including care, diet, housing, breeding, and more.

TnC Beardies
Breeders of Bearded Dragons. We provide products, information and links to other breeders and suppliers. We are dedicated to helping people find the best information for caring for their reptiles. Our site provides a forum and a chat for exchange of information.

MoReptiles Corn Snake Breeders in St. Louis
Cornsnake Breeders and on-line store, pictures of colorful morphs, Care Sheets, Useful information for new corn snake owner, sharing links

Snake Shopper
This is a reptile site for reptile enthusiasts. we sell snakes, chelonia, lizards and arachnids.
Amphibian, Vivarium and Reptile Supplies. Huge selection and low prices. Easy, secure online ordering.

Aussie Pythons & Snakes
Online community/portal for keepers and lovers of Australian snakes. Includes forums, chat, downloads, classifieds, links, photo gallery and more.
Snakes for sale, snake classifieds and everything else you want to know about snakes including snake pictures and snake videos.

california snakes
all the info on snakes in california and the usa

Vanessa's Water Dragon Page
Want to learn more about the fascinating world of lizards? Visit my Website! My website provides information about all different types of lizards, but mainly about the Chinese Water Dragon, including, care, diet, housing, breeding, and much more! You can join our Lizard Forum. If you join the forum you will be able to post questions, answers, and even join our live chat room, Lizard Chat. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to e-mail me at:

Setting up an aquarium for red-eared sliders.

Twin Peaks Reptiles
Twin Peaks Reptiles is a place where you are able to get info,links,free graphics, pictures, purchase lizards & in the future - snakes!!

Auburn Reptile Company
We are long time hobbyists and breeders of Bearded Dragons, Leopard Geckos, Ball Pythons and many others. Our main focus is education and producing healthy genetically sound reptiles.
Providing highest quality captive bred Leopard Geckos of all morphs. Specializing in Giants, Super Giants, Albinos, Blizzards, Hybinos, R.A.P.T.O.R.S., Tangerines, Patternless, Las Vegas, Gargoyle Geckos, and many more.

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