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CARA - Compassion and Responsibility for Animals
CARA is a non-profit animal welfare organisation in the Philippines. We are fighting, against the odds, to stop the cruelty to the animals in this country. We have lots of animals up for adooption and a low cost spay and neuter clinic.

Helping A Cause 4 Paws
Helping a Cause 4 Paws was derived from the observation of a few life-long animal rescuers who noted that there are few central locations of resources for animal rescues and shelters. Specifically, it was observed that the sharing of supplies and information regarding transports, grants and other resources was not commonplace, even between neighboring rescues. Since many animal rescuers have little time to research these programs, Helping a Cause 4 Paws steps in to provide a "one-stop" resource for the experienced rescuer and the interested animal lover who just wants to help. We do this by providing a forum for information, transports, neighboring shelter/rescues, and available/needed supplies necessary for animal rescuers.

JAHR Jewellzz Animal House Rescue
Join our yahoo group to share stories, info, tips, animal care and health and more with other group members.

2008 Whisker Walk
What's a Whisker Walk you Ask? Well its alot of things ... but mostly its a fun day for families and their dogs PLUS a dog walk-a-thon fundraiser to benefit multiple animal shelters and rescue groups throughout New England. Dozens of animal rescue groups and pet related vendors/manufacturers/sponsors come together for the first of its kind “event not to be missed” for pet lovers. Held at the Lancaster Fairground (Home of the Bolton Fair) there are 35 acres for Pet owners and animal lovers to walk and lend a paw for the animals shelters and pet rescues they love and support! Come see exhibits, demonstrations, educational programs, special attractions, product giveaways, entertainment, auctions/raffles, food, fun and things for adults and kids to see, do and buy – both human and pet related! Click here for a brief list of events and attractions Top off your exciting day and join us for the Walk - a leisurely (almost) ONE mile stroll on shaded, flat, grassy trails with...

Animal Shelters
Animal Shelters by location, find the animal shelter nearest you. We show thousands of pets everyday from animal adoption centers across the country.

Marie Dolphin Studios
Marie is a pet photographer in Redondo Beach california of Los Angeles. She uses her images of rescued animals to show what great pets can be adopted or rescued from animal shelters. Photos are of dogs, cats, rabbits, bunnys,reptiles, horses, pigs, turtles,pure breeds and mixed breeds. Donations are made from sales of her greeting cards and paintings.She is also selling vintage photographs. Marie is available for commissioned portraits.

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