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Feline Anxiety Causes Cat Litter Box Problems
Added 10/28/2005 by Nancy E. Wigal
Unfortunately, when cats suffer from stress and anxiety, they generally communicate it in a very clear way that can really turn humans upside down. They usually tell us by not using the cat litter box.

How to Train Kittens to Use the Cat Litter Box
Added 10/22/2005 by Nancy E. Wigal
While the kids may try to follow mom's example, here's how you can help cement that success.

What's Your Cat's Preferred Litter Box Type?
Added 10/14/2005 by Nancy E. Wigal
With a little bit of understanding about their cat, the proper cat litter box type can be found quickly for good cat litter box habits.

Cat Litter Box Location Strategies
Added 10/7/2005 by Nancy E. Wigal
When you think about cat litter box placement, imagine if it's a place where you'd like to do your business.

Animals Benefit from Energy Healing
Added 9/30/2005 by Nedda Wittels
I learned about energy healing by receiving healings from a practitioner. When I tried to find my horse's chakras, I took my first steps to becoming a healer myself. Finding the chakras on my horse, Echo, was easy for me. Echo became my first client.

A Common Cat Litter Box Problem - Feline UTI
Added 9/30/2005 by Nancy E. Wigal
Cat litter box problems stem from a variety of sources. One of the most common causes is a feline Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).

How Many Cat Litter Boxes Do You Need?
Added 8/6/2005 by Nancy E. Wigal
Here is some essential information for determining the minimum number of cat litter boxes you need for your cats.

Easy Cat Litter Box Cleaning Techniques
Added 7/30/2005 by Nancy E. Wigal
While not difficult, it is important to properly clean a cat litter box to eradicate as much cat urine odor as possible. With a little bit of practice, you can quickly and easily clean cat litter boxes to ensure consistent litter box habits from your kit

Are vitamins supplements neccesary?
Added 7/27/2005 by AMANDEEP KAUR MAUJ
Whether you are seeking to correct a deficiency, supplement a commercial diet or boost nutrient density, it is important to recognize that vitamins and minerals work synergistically. This means that it's not simply the replacement or increase of a vitami

The Right Cat Litter Box For Your Cat
Added 7/23/2005 by Nancy E. Wigal
Here are your choices for different cat litter boxes, and how you can determine which ones are right for your cat.

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51-60 of 132 articles

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