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Dog Park Etiquette for Beginners
Added 3/19/2010 by Kelly Marshall
The dog park is a fun environment where well behaved, trained dogs can get some physical activity in and enjoy the company of other dogs. It should be a fun environment where dogs and owners can relax and enjoy a good time, but that requires everyone to

Do You Really Want A Family Dog?
Added 2/24/2010 by Kelly Marshall
When you and your family are considering the idea of getting a dog as a pet, you need to know whether you really want a family dog. Wanting a family dog means more than getting a family dog. It means much, much more than that. It means that you and your

How To Train Dogs for TV and Movies
Added 12/2/2009 by Chet Womach
Do you have a canine that is sensational, looks great on camera, and is personable and intelligent ?Many dogs don't make it, although the movie business and television is always searching for dogs to work. Can you guess why? Incorrect training. If you en

Training your husky
Added 6/16/2009 by Jennifer Adams
Dog training is something that all husky owners face. Whether you decide to send him to a professional or to do it yourself, there are plenty of ways to ensure your dog is properly trained.

Rescue Dog Training - Crate Training is Kind Not Cruel
Added 6/2/2009 by Bob Hunsicker
Crate training your rescue dog will probably be the most beneficial training process you'll experience. This is true since the crate can also mitigate the destruction that other issues with your dog can cause - chewing, digging, going potty in the house

Rescue Dog Training - How to Become the Alpha Dog of Your Home
Added 6/2/2009 by Bob Hunsicker
Adopting a rescue dog can be an extremely rewarding experience if you properly prepare for the potential negative behaviors your new family member may exhibit in his new home. Remember, the background of your rescue dog may be a total mystery to you. H

Rescue Dog Training - How to Control Your Dog's Barking
Added 6/2/2009 by Bob Hunsicker
There is absolutely no reason why you cannot have a dog that barks on command, and also remains silent on command. This article will provide you with a ray of hope along with the technique to turn that hope into reality.

Rescue Dog Training -- Eliminate Digging From Your Dog's List of Favorite Pastimes
Added 6/2/2009 by Bob Hunsicker
Is your dog’s digging doing a number on your domicile? Dogs dig for one or more of various reasons, which determines the most appropriate cure or preventive measure. This article covers the four most prevalent reasons that cause dogs to dig. And, it ad

Rescue Dog Training - Curing Separation Anxiety With Desensitization and Crate Training
Added 6/2/2009 by Bob Hunsicker
Nothing is more disconcerting than leaving your dog for extended periods knowing he is suffering from separation anxiety. This is a condition that needs immediate attention. And sooner, not later.

Rescue Dog Training – Sit, Stay and Come
Added 6/2/2009 by Bob Hunsicker
There will be times when you want your dog to stay put and times when you want him to come to you. And, to be successful at both, he needs to know his name as well. Teaching the "sit", "stay" and "come" commands is the backbone of obedience training.

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11-20 of 316 articles

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